Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

We had the opportunity to do "The 12 Days of Christmas" for a sweet little girl in our ward. My friend, Danielle, found out that this girl wasn't going to have much of a Christmas: no tree, no stockings, no decorations. So she had the great idea to bring Christmas to her, and invited us to help!

She's so great and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend!

Each day after school (or around 4:00 after church), we made a special delivery to this girl. Our plan:

December 13- Christmas tree and tree decorations
December 14- Stockings filled with treats
December 15- Sugar cookie decorating kit
December 16- Christmas story and picture of Christ
December 17- "Movie Night": Christmas movie and popcorn
December 18- "Warm and Cozy Night": mittens, hat and hot cocoa
December 19- Dinner on us (with our friend, Melanie)
December 20- FHE lesson and treat
December 21- Gingerbread house kits
December 22- Went caroling and gave a Christmas decoration
December 23- Christmas PJ's
December 24- Christmas gifts

I'm so insanely huge on taking pictures and not once did I get a picture of us delivering! I can't believe that!

On our last day, Danielle snagged some photos on our way down (Forgot my camera. Again!)

I am so grateful that we were able to do this! I've always wanted to do it, and I'm SO glad that we got to this year! It's so important to me for my children to realize how blessed we are AND to pass on those blessings to others! Being able to serve someone made this Christmas season so special!

One afternoon on our way home from school, Adam said, "Mom, I'm so grateful for our Christmas decorations and toys. We have lots of nice things."

And two seconds later, he was probably complaining that everyone in his school had some toy that he didn't have and how deprived he was, but there were moments for Adam and Grace that they got it. Such a proud mommy moment for me AND a new tradition that we will continue to carry on each Christmas!

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