Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas ABCs: A through G

Our first week of our Christmas ABCs is done! It's been such a fun way to do crafts and Christmas activities together!

A is for Angels

We made these darling coffee filter angels for our tree and talked about angels. Angel Gabriel and the angels who proclaimed Christ's birth to the shepherds.

B is for Bells

We made jingle bell necklaces and sang "Jingle Bells."

Over and over and over and over...

C is for Candy Canes

We made candy cane ornaments with beads and pipe cleaners and snacked on some mini candy canes after school.

D is for Decorating

We decorated Adam and Grace's window with lights and snowflakes.

E is for Elf

We read Always the Elf, a darling book about an elf who witnessed Christ's birth and later went to help Santa. We talked about how we can be like the elves and help others at Christmas.

I've always wanted to do "Elf on a Shelf" and NEED to next year! I'm going to find an elf at the after-Christmas sales and do it!

F is for Fire

We built a fire in our fireplace and sang carols around it. I love having a fire... it's so cozy!

I do not like having a 1-year-old around said fire. I was a nervous wreck.

G is for Gingerbread Boys and Girls

These are not actually gingerbread boys and girls. These are sugar cookies cut into gingerbread boy and girl shapes.

All of my gingerbread cookies were eaten before they could be decorated and pictured. And I didn't have enough molasses to make a second batch.

In our defense, my sister-in-law's recipe is super-yummy. So, I can't blame them for being eaten so quickly.


It's been a really fun week. More fun with our Christmas ABCs to come!

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