Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas ABCs: O through the End

I'm not one to make excuses...

... not.

But, December got crazy. More than the usual December craziness, too. Mike's work hours upped because a manager quit (and then 2 more moved on, too). I was trying to wean Josh (and the baby was having some big-time withdrawals). AND I was called to be the Primary President in our ward (which involved a lot of getting things finished up from last year AND preparing for the new year).

As much as I loved doing our Christmas ABCs, I couldn't finish them all. I'm kind of bummed, because I seriously hate not finishing things. We will try it again next year. ;)

Here's the fun that we DID have:

O is for Ornaments

We made cinnamon applesauce ornaments. They smell SO yummy!

P is for Polar Express

We got together with some friends and watched The Polar Express in our pajamas and had hot cocoa and lunch.

Q is for Quiet Reading and Thinking

We did our annual reading of The Christmas Orange and shared a chocolate orange. I love this story!

S is for Santa

We went to our ward party and had a fun dinner with our ward family. I know I've said it a gazillion and one times, but I love our ward. The members of our ward are my family in Las Vegas. I love ward parties because it's an extra night with them!

Santa made an appearance, of course. I wish I could scan in the pictures the actual photographer took, because mine didn't turn out well. Adam and Grace loved seeing Santa and sharing what they wanted for Christmas!

T is for Treats Delivered to Neighbors

We didn't get plates of treats made to deliver to all of our friends like I had wanted. But, our neighbors have been so kind to us this year and I wanted to do something for them. So we filled a bag with the extra treat bags that Mike made for his associates and delivered those.

U is for Under the Christmas Tree

We read a Christmas book (or two) every night in December and LOVED it. We've done this December for the past few years. I had several we still hadn't read, though, so we snuggled under the tree for some extra reading. Christmas books are SO fun!

V is for Visiting

We had so much fun visiting some fun places decked out for Christmas while my brother, Morgan, was here. We went to Sam's Town first and watched their holiday laser light show (complete with SNOW!). It was so neat!

Next we went over to the Bellagio. I had never seen their "Winter" display in the conservatory. It was so beautiful. There was a huge tree, huge ornaments, and thousands of real poinsettias.

We headed outside to watch the water show, hoping for a Christmas song.

Instead the water fountains moved up and down to the song, "I'm Proud to Be an American."

It was still fun.


And R, W, X, Y, and Z didn't happen.

Well, I guess Z happened.

We all crashed hard Christmas night.

It was an exhausting month, what can I say.


Grammy Suzzy said...

What wonderful, wonderful things you all did! And those cinnamon ornaments last forever. I STILL have ones you guys made when you were little. They are carefully wrapped in tissue each year and put with our most treasured ornaments!

Amanda said...

Holy cow! I didn't know you were called to be the primary president. You'll be great!