Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ABCs of Christmas

I know I haven't caught up on November yet, but today begins our ABCs of Christmas, so I thought I'd share the ideas (plus, have them handy in a list for me that I can't lose... ha!). I got the idea from a friend and I love it! Such a fun way to celebrate!

We're also planning on doing our Christmas book countdown, serving one another as a gift to the Savior and placing "hay" in the "manger" for each act of service, and (maybe, I hope) the 12 days of Christmas for someone. There are so many fun ideas out there! Love it!

A - Angels (making these angels and talking about the angel Gabriel)
B - Bells (making jingle bell necklaces and singing "Jingle Bells")
C - Candy canes (making candy cane ornaments and cookies)
D - Dear Santa (writing Santa letters and mailing)
E - Elves (our elf game will begin, make pinecone elves, and watching Elf)
F - Fire (roasting marshmallows and singing carols around the fire)
G - Gingerbread (decorating small gingerbread houses)
H - Ho! Ho! Ho! (making a fun Santa craft and playing "pin the hat on Santa")
I - Icicles (making icicles for our windows)
J - Jesus (making a baby Jesus craft)
K - Kris Kringle (talking about the different names for Santa and making a craft)
L - Lights (looking at the lights at Ethel M's and around the neighborhood)
M - Manger (making a manger for our baby Jesus)
N - Nativity (making this nativity)
O - Ornaments (making salt dough ornaments)
P - Presents (finish buying/wrapping our family presents)
Q - Quest (talking about the quest of the Wisemen and play a game about the Wisemen)
R - Reindeer (watch Rudolph and make a reindeer craft)
S - Star and Shepherd's (talk about the star and the significance of the shepherd's, make/decorate star cookies, craft)
T - Treats and Trees (delivering treats to friends and playing this tree game)
U - Under (sleeping under the tree)
V - Visit (visit with friends for a Christmas craft/treat)
W - Wreath (making a wreath... not sure what kind yet)
X - Xmas (Xmas comes from the Greek spelling of Christmas, so we'll do some "Christmas Around the World" treats/crafts)
Y - Yule Log (dessert after Christmas Eve dinner and party!)
Z - Zzzzzzs (after a long, fun Christmas day!)


Jason and Danielle said...

I love all your ideas!! We seriously do need to get together and do something fun together. I was thinking maybe we could do the Polar Express thing together on a Monday when Adam is home. My hubby hates that movie, so he would not be sad if we took our activity else where. What do ya think?

peachytiffers said...

I always count on you to give me good ideas for the next year! You're an amazing mom!