Thursday, November 4, 2010


grotesque (adj.):
odd, or unnatural, in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre

It's not a very nice way to describe someone or something.

But, it's really the only word that can describe this:

If possible, it feels even worse than it is ugly.

And I'd like to say that my sprained ankle ugliness came from saving a child from running into traffic or knocking down a bad guy.

But, it's not.

I got it from slowly jogging (in shoes that should not be jogged in) while doing the Couch to 5k.

I'm back on the couch for now.

However, I will (someday, and in appropriate foot attire) tackle that 5k.


Grammy Suzzy said...

Oh, my poor baby! And that sweet ankle is not grotesque...I will admit, it's colorful...but never grotesque! I am so sorry, but I am so very proud that you were trying to do something for your health. Again, I wish I was as wise when I was your age!! Hang in will be better soon and you will be running with that ol' couch on your back!

Kathy said...

Ouch! You and Ben should compare "sprains". I think he broke his foot a while back, but he's too macho to go to the doctor. Hope you are back on your feet soon and Mike takes good care of you.

Jason and Danielle said...

I hope you are feeling better;) and it still makes me laugh when you describe how you sprained. I love how your not too serious and can always have a good laugh:)

Tiffin said...

Yikes! That look miserable. We are hoping for a speedy recovery for you!