Saturday, November 13, 2010

Future Hallmark Card Employee?

Adam made me a whole stack of cards for my birthday.

He presented them to me at dinner.

I'm thinking I have a future Hallmark card employee in my family.

The cards:

Like Hot Things? (outside)

Hope you do because you have a "fiery" birthday. (inside)

I do like hot things. Though one may not appreciation the insinuation that their birthday was going to be "fiery" because of so many candles on one's cake.

Oh Give Me a Home Where We Have Birthdays Always... (outside)

Have a Wild Birthday! (inside)

Does his use of the word "wild" mean that I probably should pay closer attention to the cards he reads in the birthday section at Target? And the buffalo rocks.

Parenting with Love & Logic (outside)

Go Crazy! It's Your Birthday! (inside)

As in "Go Crazy and DON'T Discipline Me Today"? And is that a cane that he's holding? Because that's not what Love & Logic teaches. Unless I haven't read that chapter yet. If that's case, I should. Or is threatening me with a cane Adam's idea of crazy? Hmmm...

Waiting to Fly? (outside)

Because You are Soaring Away with Birthdays! (inside)

Again with the age thing.

There are no words.

However, it's days like this when I really exactly how happy I am that I had kids.

Mike has never made me a card with a buffalo on it.



Jason and Danielle said...

Adam thought those up all by himself? How cool!

Nicole and Justin said...

I laughed so hard I cried...

Nicole and Justin said...

I laughed so hard I cried

Shelbey said...

Those cards had me laughing out loud!