Friday, November 19, 2010

This Week...

- I made scripture clothes for sharing time using this tutorial and some super-cheap material from Wal-Mart. We've had so much fun re-enacting scripture stories using them. Plus, our family nativity re-enactment at Christmas this year is going to be magnificently realistic.

That is, it will be slightly more realistic than in the past.

Light sabers were really not at Jesus' birth.

- We tried making these as a special Thanksgiving treat.

They ended up looking like this:

So we improvised and did this instead:

Kind of abstract-art turkeys.

- Grace tried being all sweet and made peanut butter sandwiches for everyone for lunch.

And then I caught her licking the peanut butter off of them.

I didn't tell Adam or Mike.

- Josh had his "almost 12 month" blood work done. He screamed and screamed right until they poked him with the needle.

Then he was fine.

- We had a fun library storytime and made Native American story-telling bags.

My kids used them to tell me strange, strange stories of elephants stealing M&Ms while I made dinner.

- We had a good week. However... the best part of all...

Mike. Shaved. Off. His. Mustache.

No picture, but believe me, he's been growing it for a few weeks and I could NOT be happier!


Grammy Suzzy said...

As usual...the Wilkins family has left a big smile on the faces of Grammy and Aunt Kayty. You know, the kids in our primary had so much fun a few weeks ago re-enacting the story of the Good Samaritan using costumes just like those! GReat idea! And, thank you for trying those cute turkeys out before I slept even fewer hours than I normally do to try this. Who know just how frustrated I might have become. And I really like yours...they do look cute!

Tiffin said...

Oh man, I SO get the mustache thing! Kimball shaved his off just a few days ago. Hallelujah!!

I also got a good laugh about you not telling Mike and Adam about the peanut butter sandwich licking! HAHAHAHAHA!