Saturday, December 13, 2008

Countdowns to Christmas

I love countdowns.

You probably hadn't guess that already. :)

To me countdowns serve the purpose of both building excitement (for me and the kids), and eliminate Adam asking 1,945 times a day when Christmas is. I also enjoy walking to our countdowns, putting my finger to my chin, and saying, "Hmmm... only _ days left. Hope Santa forgets that you hit your Grace by then." And then I cackle.

I'm mean like that.

Anyway, we've been doing 3 different countdowns to Christmas. And we're starting the 12 days of Christmas tonight.

1) Advent Calendar

I talked about this one last year. My grandma (Nano) gave us this advent calendar, just like the one that I had growing up. You place an ornament on the tree every day. It's one of my favorite decorations/belongings, because she made it and it reminds me of my own Christmases growing up.

2) The Christmas Book

This is a book (from my grandma, again) that has a scripture, a Christmas hymn/song, and a story for each day until Christmas. This has been my favorite countdown, I think. Every night we turn off all the lights (but the tree), and read and sing together.

3) Christmas Book Countdown

I wrapped 24 Christmas books (most borrowed from the library), and we've unwrapped/read one every night. Some of them have activities that go along (The Polar Express I gave them each a bell from Santa's sleigh, with The Grinch, we watched the movie, etc.). Adam and Grace have LOVED this.

I really, really want to make a box countdown like this, or some kind of cookie sheet one kind of like this. But that just might kinda get insane.

Counting down to stuff is just fun.

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