Friday, November 12, 2010

My Fantabulous 29th

I've never cared too much about the age thing, until 29 came.

29 is just so close to 30.

I didn't really have any plans to celebrate my birthday, and probably would have forgotten about it if it weren't for Adam and Grace being super-excited for it. SO. I made myself be excited with them and we had a GREAT day!

My Dad used to wake me up at 1:02am and eat a candy bar with me on my birthday. It's changed from a candy bar to 1 small York as I've grown older, but Mike still wakes up and does my little birthday tradition with me.

Don't mind my just-out-of-the-shower-fabulous look there.

Later that morning we went on a playdate to celebrate reading books. All of the kids brought their favorite book to read to the group, and brought some books to donate/exchange. Adam was off of school, so he got to come, too. We had a fun time!

Graham crackers + frosting.... yum!

After our potluck lunch, my sweet friend surprised me with birthday cupcakes. Too fun!

We came home and made my birthday cake together. When Mike came home we had dinner and cake.

He isn't 29 yet. He has NOTHING to cry about. ;)

As far as birthday presents go, the day before Halloween my camera completely died. We've had it for years and it was a GREAT camera. BUT, the kids have gotten a hold of it and dropped it numerous times, so I wasn't not too surprised that it was dying. It had started going blurry that week, so I figured it was happening. BUT, to happen the day before my favorite holiday and right before trunk-or-treat? Agh!

After trunk-or-treating we went to Target just to look, and we saw the updated (and better) version of the camera I had before and it was on sale for $30 off the regular price. SO, I convinced Mike that it was what he needed to get me for my birthday (I put my birthday money from family toward it, too). ;) As much as I love being surprised, picking out my own present works for me, too. And if you know me, I take at least one picture every day, so the thought of not having a camera anymore made me panicky... I'm so happy about my present!

I had such a great day. Having awesome friends and a wonderful family made something as awful-sounding (to me) as turning 29 into a fantabulous day!


Grammy Suzzy said...

I'm so very glad your birthday was as super as you are...from 1:02 am on! What a super family, and super friends you have!!!

Jason and Danielle said...

You are 29 and fabulous. Don't ever forget it! ;)