Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip Day 3: Thanksgiving

On the last Thanksgiving that we spent in Phoenix (when Grace was just a few months old), we decided not to do both Thanksgivings. It's just too much. So, we spent that one with my side of the family.

And then we spent the next 3 in Las Vegas.

This year we were FINALLY able to make it down again, and we spent it with Mike's side of the family. I love being able to stay the entire time at one Thanksgiving, rather than switching off... so much easier!

We had such a great time! Everyone met at the church for a big Thanksgiving potluck. Almost 100 people came and it was CRAZY fun! Adam and Grace LOVED being able to run around with their cousins, and I loved getting to talk to everyone. It was so wonderful!

Plus, seriously, it is so ridiculously nice being in charge of just one dish, rather than the entire meal.

I think we're just going to have to make it down for Thanksgiving every year.

Not sure how Mike's co-workers are going to feel about that one. ;)

Afterward, we went back to Mom and Dad W*'s house and spent some more time with cousins and family. Too, too fun!

Mike and his Dad carving the turkey. Don't ya love totally obvious captions?

Kids table with (a few) of my cute nieces and nephews.

Adam is a meat-potatoes-roll kinda guy on Thanksgiving. No colored veggies allowed.

Yeah, that's MY pie, Josh.

She was NOT born in a barn. However, she may just have been raised in one. At least, that's how it feels to me some days.

All little girls love their Uncle Patrick. Seriously. He has magical niece powers. And a cool phone.

This is Josh with his his cousin, Matt. Matt really wanted the car, and kept trying to trade Josh for it by rolling the ball away, so that Josh would leave the car and go for the ball. Unfortunately, Josh has 2 siblings who have tricked him out of numerous toys his entire first year, so he's wised up. ;) It was too cute to watch, though!

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