Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sick Baby!

Josh woke up with the typical croup bark yesterday.

All of my kids inherited my bad lungs, and we've dealt with croup with Adam and Grace several times, so I began the whole steaming/cold routine, humidifier, etc. However, he was still breathing poorly, and since croup is always worse at night, Mike brought him into the doctor for a breathing treatment to get him through the night.

He was instructed to do the treatment every 4 hours, and we did. By the next afternoon, though, he was so much worse. Just laying down, only using his stomach to breathe, and the skin below his neck sucking way in, which are all signs of NOT doing well. I so, so wanted to avoid an ER visit. We said prayers and tried to have faith, and Mike gave him a blessing. And I guess I'm a terrible mom, because the blessing was all about how the doctors in the emergency room would be blessed to help him, and that that was what he needed.

I guess I need to be hit over the head once in a while.

Mike took him to the ER, and they got him in right away. He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis/croup (can you have both, I don't know), and given several breathing treatments. In order to go home and not be admitted, he had to go two hours after the treatments without wheezing. Well, that didn't happen with the first 2. He and Mike were there a LONG time. ;)

After the third treatment, he was able to stop wheezing and came home! Thank you to those who kept him in your prayers! He is doing so much better!

(And what a good lesson for me of being thankful for the blessings of medicine and science that Heavenly Father has blessed us with!)


Jason and Danielle said...

I am so sorry that had to have been so scary. That happened to Libby last weekend and we spent the day at the er. Why didn't you tell me last night? Do you need help or anything?

Kristi said...

Poor Josh! I'm glad he is doing better.