Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip Day 1: Flagstaff

We just got back from a FANTASTIC trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Seriously. We had so much fun and I loved it all.

However, it is nice to be home.


We left our house Tuesday morning bright and early at 5:00am as planned.


We had some technical difficulties.

(By technical, I mean, "snooze button".)

We finally got going at 8:00 and arrived in Flagstaff at about 2:00. It was actually a really fun trip. We had downloaded some "Junie B. Jones" books to listen to from the library, and it made the time go fast. Well, except for the approximate 7,092 times we stopped for Adam and Grace to alternately use the restroom. We would literally pull out of one city and another one would yell, "I need to go NOW!"

Drinks are now banned on road trips.

Our plan was to go to NAU and get my diploma problems figured out and then go to a park and have a picnic lunch. However, NAU is being most uncooperative about my diploma (that I should have gotten YEARS ago), so we just drove around and showed the kids our dorm, the hospital Grace was born in, the parks we played at, the different buildings that Adam would tag along with us to go to class at, the church, etc. I was surprised at how much Adam didn't remember. That shouldn't surprise me; we left when he was 3. I just have so many memories with him there, so it kind of made me sad that he didn't remember.

We went to a park, where it was cold and snowy. The kids went out and played in the snow for approximately 4 seconds before the snow soaked through their clothes and they ran back to the car, with Adam yelling, "I have frostbite! I'm losing my toes!"

No more science books for him. Sheesh.

Doesn't this picture just SCREAM, "We love snow!"

We got them changed and warmed, and then Mike made us sandwiches while standing outside in the cold.

He's such a good guy.

By the way, for some weird reason I've been craving sprouts. I don't know. That's such a weird thing to crave. I packed some for our trip, and this sandwich was the best sandwich ever. It may have been because I hadn't eaten that day, but really, it was so good. It made me think for a second I could open a sandwich shop. And then Mike rolled his eyes at me. Whatever. I heart you, sprouts.

I really miss Flagstaff, especially this time of year (being in a small-town for Christmas is the BEST). I miss the people, our friends, being able to walk everywhere, and the weather. It was really nice to visit.

We eventually got going again, stopped in Flagstaff twice more for the restroom (seriously, WHAT were they drinking???), stopped in every town along the way for the same reason, and finally arrived in Phoenix at about 8:00.

It ended up being a really fun day.

Even if we arrived 4 hours later than I had planned.

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