Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Big 3-0!

Yesterday was Mike's 30th Birthday. CRAZY!

He had to work yesterday, but they sang to him during devotional and had ice cream sandwiches. His really super nice co-worker, Bri, offered to watch the kids last night, while we went on a date for his birthday. Which would have been awesome, except Adam refused to be baby-sat by a 'girl.' :) He really wanted to celebrate with Mike, too, I'm sure. So, she offered to work a little later instead, so he could get off a bit early. Which was so nice!

He came home and we jumped out and surprised him. Adam's been dying to throw a 'surprise party' forever. He then opened his present from us: a scooter. Mike loves Adam's scooter, and is always stealing it from him. When I talked to Adam a few weeks ago about what to get Daddy for his birthday, he immediately said, "A Wii!" Which was so NOT going to happen. :) But, then he suggested a scooter, so that's what we got. And Mike loved it.

Adam and Mike raced scooters for a while in the street. Grace chased them around in her bare feet, because she refused to wear shoes, and her feet turned black. Ewww!

We ate dinner after awhile and had cake (pumpkin crunch). I think that there was probably more than 30 candles in it. Adam and Grace were sticking them in like crazy. But, that's just extra luck, right? :)

Adam and I had made whipped cream to go with the cake earlier in the day, and Adam was so excited to try it. And I thought it was kind of funny that he loved the cake, but wouldn't touch the whipped cream, and Grace would ONLY eat the whipped cream. She ate two servings of it off of her plate, and off of our plates as well. And she STILL didn't gain weight! She's going to be 23 pounds forever! :)

Happy Birthday, Mike! We all love you so much! Hope you had a great day!!!

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