Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Happy Median

So, in all of my spare time that I've had lately (I need to have some valid excuse for why Grace is left alone to try on makeup... right?), I've been searching the Internet for some new recipes. I think we were all getting a little sick of our 'tried and trues' and needed to mix it up a bit.

It seemed that most of the recipes from the websites and blogs I looked at fell into one of two categories. Either they: (a) contained lots of pre-made ingredients (canned soups, dressings, stuffing, etc.) that are expensive and that we are trying to avoid for health reasons; or (b) required ingredients that needed to be imported from Italy from an old Italian woman who made homemade pasta.

You know what I mean? Maybe? Kinda?

BUT, I found a happy place, that fits perfectly in-between the two, and of course, it's from Martha Stewart: "Dinner Tonight".

It's a blog with lots and lots of yummy recipes that use completely normal ingredients (for the most part), without all the expensive, sodium-and-preservative-laden pre-made ingredients that we're trying to (mostly) avoid. I mean, we can't give up Adam's current fave Creamy Italian Chicken, or this dessert for Orange Chip Cake that I'm trying Monday for FHE, that use pre-made ingredients, but it's little steps, right?

We're going to be eating happy this week!

(I really don't mean to sound like a food snob... honest... sorry if I did!)

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