Saturday, May 31, 2008

And So We Begin... On Monday

I am going to begin potty training Grace... on Monday. I am not terribly excited about it. Adam was just so difficult. BUT, she's been 'showing signs of readiness' for about 6 months now. I wasn't in any hurry, however, because it's barely been a year since I've gotten Adam completely trained. I deserved a break!!!

So I ignored her readiness. And ignored it. And ignored it.

The past few days, though, every time I went into the bathroom, I found a puddle of urine in front of the toilet. I just knew it had to be Adam, so I tried talking to him about cleaning up after himself and aiming. He insisted it wasn't him, but who else could it be?

Last night, Adam yelled to me, "Mom, come see this!" I walked into the bathroom, and saw Grace standing with her diaper around her ankles, right in front of the toilet, holding her crotch, and urinating. SO, she decided to take matters into her own hands, apparently, and train herself. Just like she's seen Adam go.

I'm pretty sure if she continues to pee like a boy, she's going to have some issues down the road. So, I am gathering underwear, reward stickers, a small toilet, and LOTS of patience. And putting it off until Monday.

Wish us luck!

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