Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Green Thumbs Here

Our oregano has died. One pumpkin has died. Our flowers have died. Our tomato plant has died. Which is a good thing, according to my upstairs neighbor, because we would've had to throw them away anyway, because of salmonella. I'm so evil for laughing inside as he told me this, while nodding politely. :)

We have one pumpkin plant hanging on, but I have no hopes for it, really, as it is on its way out from not having enough room to grow.

Our basil is still growing strong. I love basil so much, so I'm hoping that it sticks around.

Mike told me that I probably should have done some research on gardening before buying a bunch of pots and potting soil and seeds and going to town. Which is just the rudest thing to say ever. :)

So, none of us have green thumbs, as we've almost killed everything.

But it was sure fun trying. :)


Kathy said...

You're doing as good as tomatoes all look great except for the blossom end rot most of them have. (and your neighbor is wrong. Your tomatoes would be fine (no salmonella) and you could sell them for great profit! My watermellon plant looks great, but no melons growing. And even my zuchinni(which is nearly impossible to kill) isn't doing too good now that it is hot. So, do like me and blame it on the hot weather!!! And shame on you Mike!!!!

Grammy Gingerbread said...

Our "beef steak" tomato plants, and our grape tomato plants produce the same size fruit...somthing comparable to the size of a ping pong ball. They do taste good, the few we have gotten. Dad abandoned Pumpkin Planting #1 tonight, and the chickens are out of their pen having a heyday looking for new bugs!! I did want some sugar pumpkins for next Fall and Thanksgiving pie, so he will replant later. At least you have the basil. That can go in many dishes, and be dried and used all year! Good job!! We did enjoy the $500 snow pea that we were able to harvest, cut into three pieces of less than an inch, and then "eat" it. And, just maybe, a garden that does not produce is not much different than cast iron that doesn't see a campfire... :) he he he!...Love you Mike!!

Kristi said...

In defense of Mike, it probably couldn't hurt to look into climates and seasons that would be good to grow in. It would only help you to develop your skills