Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rule Breaking

Today Adam said to me, "Mom, on my birthday, I think that I should be allowed to make up all the rules." Ummmm.... no. If it was up to him he would eat nothing but junk all day, drink a gallon of milk, jump on the couch and bed, run around in his underwear, play in the mud and dirt outside and tromp it through the house to play hours of Xbox. Yeah, right.

He was very disappointed. And then I thought back to my childhood when on our birthdays, we didn't have to do any chores. And how much fun that was.

So, I said, "Well, you don't have to clear the table on your birthday or clean your room or make your bed."

"That's good," he replied. "But I really, really wanted to break the rules."

Curious, I asked him if he could break one rule, which one would it be.

"Not flushing the toilet all day."

Ewwww! That's so gross and so NOT happening! And really? That's the one rule he'd break?


Kristi said...

What a rebel!

Kristi said...

So you never said, Did he flush the toilet on his birthday?