Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At Least She's Washing Her Hands

Grace is a fairly cleanly girl. I mean, she loves playing in the dirt and dumping food on her head. But when she gets stuff on her hands, she generally likes to clean them.

At first, she just wiped them on something: her shirt, the carpet, or the couch, being her favorites. Every time I patiently explained we wash our hands in the sink, took her to the bathroom and cleaned her hands. She loved the soap part, especially. She's been good about coming to me and indicating that she wants to wash her hands, so I can help her clean them, too.

Apparently, though, she's become too big to ask for help. In the past week, she's refused to let me help her. And since she can't exactly reach the sink and turn the handles on, this has posed a slight dilemma. Her solution?

Just lift up the toilet seat and swish them around in there for a bit. And THEN dry them on the clean bathroom towels.

How beyond disgusting IS that? UGH! And she's just not seeing the problem with it... I mean, I can kinda see her point: it is a basin of water, at her disposal, and it makes her hands LOOK clean (though I shudder at how many germs are crawling around on her hands unseen).

But, even though I gag at her doing this, and I'm trying to find a toilet lock at the store, I do take a bit of pride in the fact that she is washing her hands.

I still can't get Adam to do that. :)


Grammy Gingerbread said...

That sweet little Gracie! You must always be just giggling at those two kids of yours and what they come up with!! Thanks for sharing with us...it makes the miles apart seem fewer.

Kristi said...

I ate a fruit snack she handed me! Who knows what I could have died from!