Thursday, June 19, 2008

Signs Mom Is Sick

I woke up today incredibly sick with the stomach flu, no doubt passed on from Grace. Thanks, sweetie! I. Was. Sick. I mean, couldn't get out of bed, crawling to the couch sick. Yuck.

Mike walked in from work tonight (and, of course, he had to work late), and looked around and said (totally kidding), "Wow... you can't tell you were sick today, huh?"

Here are some indications that I was sick:

- every single toy we own is on the ground or table or beds

- every single book we own is off the shelf

- every single game we own has been dumped out onto the kids' floor

- the remnants of their lunch were still on the table when Mike got home

- they both ate ham (lunchmeat) for lunch, because that's what they wanted... that's it, and I didn't care too much

- Grace was still in her PJs at 7:30 (I really could have lied and said that I had just thrown them on... hmmmm....)

- Adam was in his underwear... only (okay, this could've happened if I was healthy, too)

- the table has purple marker all over it

- there are goldfish crackers everywhere from a game Adam made up

- Adam played a game today where he made 7 piles of crackers, and rolled "Tinkertoy" wheels down into them

- Adam reported excitedly to Mike that he had 2 sweets today

- we watched way more than 2 hours of television... shhh!... don't tell the AAP

BUT, as fast as it came, it has left, and I am feeling SO much better. There is nothing like the stomach flu to make you seriously grateful for good health. Nothing. :)

And there are also few things that result in a house as messy as mine is now.

(PS-I don't mean to make Mike sound insensitive, because he was amazing: he brought home pizza so I didn't have to cook, and got the kids bathed and in bed)


Danyel said...

Glad that you are feeling better. Dont worry much about the house keeping one clean is more than a full time job. Why dont men understand. This week off I have finaly had the time to get the whole house clean at one time. and that only lasted till Doran got home. good luck on getting grace to change her hand washing habbit.

Grammy Gingerbread said...

OH, my poor, poor Allison! I wish I could be there to help you more!! At least you know that what you do every day that you are well matters and shows!! Hang in there!