Monday, June 2, 2008

Correction, Happy News, and Excited to Be 5

So, correction. We will begin potty training tomorrow. We just had too much running around to do today. But, tomorrow, we're staying in and going for it.

And in completely happy news (at least, to me), our car passed emissions! Yay! I have been stressing about it ever since we got the renewal notice. I'm just that kinda girl. But, I'm so happy that it's all good in the smog department. We've been so blessed to have both cars running well for the past few months. SO thankful for that!

Adam turns 5 in just 7 days. That is complete craziness. And he's SO excited. Not about the presents or cake or even kindergarten (I mean, he's excited about those things, but they aren't the cause for his extreme excitement). It's because he thinks when he turns 5, a whole bunch of knowledge will be bestowed upon him as he sleeps.

This is how our conversation went today:

Adam: Mom, do you know what the best thing about turning 5 is?
Me: What?
Adam: I will be able to do everything for myself. I will be able to tie my shoes. Ride a bike with no hands. And you will not have to read to me ever again. Not even Transformers instructions. I will be able to read everything myself. And transform super tricky Transformers all by myself, too. And my shots won't hurt anymore either. I won't be able to be hurt at all. I'm so excited!

I'm glad he's got goals for everything he wants to accomplish, but I think he's going to be a bit disappointed when he wakes up, and he's still... him. Not 'super Adam' or anything. :) I've been trying to gently explain that all those things will come in time. But, why would he believe me?

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Grammy Gingerbread said...

Boy, I sure wish I could turn 5. I must have missed something...those shots still hurt, and I still have to read the instructions!