Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Callings and a 2-Week Anniversary

So, Mike and I got our new callings. Mike is the new Assistant Deacon Adviser/Assistant Scoutmaster, and I am the Assistant Enrichment Leader. And I was totally lame and made a joke about being the Assistant Enrichment Leader, rather than the Assistant to the Enrichment Leader (like Dwight on The Office... anyone watch that?), and Mike and our Bishop think that I'm a nerd now. Oh, well.

I really, really wish I was excited, but I'm having a little bit of a hard time. Because first of all, I don't see how they will work. Our Enrichment nights are on Tuesday evenings, every month, and I kinda need to be there. Mike has to work until 10:00 on Tuesdays, though, and we don't have a nursery. So, he WAS thinking he could switch the night he has to work late to Thursdays, but that's when Mutual is. So... we will see. And I know I shouldn't be whiny, because, really, we are so blessed and want to serve in our new ward. But, Mike's had this calling before without kids, and it took a lot of time (meetings, mutual, lesson planning, camp outs, Scout camp, etc.), and was stressful, and now with kids, it will be even harder. Plus, Mike's job is seriously stressful right now, and he spends SO much time staying after and doing work from home and planning and making calls, and now he's just adding more to his load.

I know it's not as bad as it could be. And I know that these callings will help us grow. But...

So, completely different topic, our fish has been with us for over 2 weeks now. And if you know me, this is pretty much a miracle, because I just don't do fish very well. There was the time that I accidentally overheated one. And the time that the tank fell over and the fish were flopping everywhere. And the time that one died and I didn't realize until I literally saw his skeleton on the bottom of the tank. I used to have a little graveyard in the backyard at my parent's house growing up, because even if I couldn't remember to feed them, their skeletons needed a nice place to rest, darn it! I mean, really, the hospital would have thought twice about letting me take my kids home if they knew my record with simple goldfish. Seriously.

Henry is doing great, though, so we celebrated by getting him a plant. I think he really, really loves it, because his 'bubble nest' at the top of his bowl is large. And, according to our research, that means he is one happy guy.

Congrats, Henry, on surviving at our house for 2 weeks. You've been fed a Transformers arm, grapes, crackers, pepperoni, and cheese. You've dodged a little girl's curious hand aimed on petting you, and various strings dangled in by Adam, because he's determined to train you to do tricks.

I think that the kids probably got the pet care genetics from me. :)


Danyel said...

Just remember that you are now behind the curtan with enrichment. There are quite a few ladys that bring their children to the planing meattings and maby you could sugest haaving a few young women come and do nersery during enrichment. our always come if we feed them. good luck

Grammy Gingerbread said...

You know, I DID NOT say anything regarding your "fishy" past...though Henry was in my thoughts and prayers! I am so very glad it has worked out, and Henry is doing so well. I guess you don't remember our mistake...we got that big aquarium and put it on the counter, went out and bought many pretty fish, and then put them in, only, later, to hear you all screaming that fish were eating each other. Dad and I failed to realize that there were aggressive and non-aggressive fish, and we had erroneously mixed them...much to you children's horror, and the fish's demise!! Ooops. At least, as Dad says, we didn't do that to your kids!!