Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Adam!

My little sunshine turned 5 yesterday, which is just insane. How did THAT happen??? We had so much fun celebrating yesterday. On Sunday night Mike decorated the house with balloons and streamers, while I made and decorated a cake for him. He wanted a carrot cake, and the recipe was one of the best I've had, so I'm going to have to post it on here. And I didn't make the cake that he wanted. Sorry. Not that talented. BUT, I did make the 'Transformers' Autobot symbol totally freehand on top, and that has to count for something, right? :) And he really loved it, so it was all good.

He woke us up in the morning screaming. He was so excited to see the decorations and cake! I had planned to make his favorite breakfast for him, but he asked if we could do presents in the morning and cake for breakfast (instead of after dinner, like we usually do). And I thought, "Why not?" So we did.

We played Transformers for a while and then Mike surprised us with a pinata! A brand-new one had been donated at D.I., so he had bought it and filled it with some small toys and candy. Grace thought that being allowed to hit something with a bat was just the best thing ever.

After we busted it, we headed out to go bowling! Adam has wanted to go bowling since he saw pictures of his cousins bowling a few months ago. Unfortunately, every single bowling center is in a casino. BUT, this also means that the prices are super reasonable. So after we ran Adam and Grace through the gambling area, we got to the bowling enter and it was totally nice. We had SO much fun. None of us did terribly well (Adam got a 43, I bowled a 78, and Mike a 93... but it's been a LONG time). But, it was a blast. And we found out that from midnight to 8 am Monday through Friday, it's only $1 a game with free shoe rental. We're thinking it would be fun to go early, like at 7am, before Mike has to go to work.

We came home and went swimming. And then when we checked the mail, Adam had got another package full of presents. So we did the present thing again. And ate more cake. :)

Happy 5th Birthday, Adam! We all love you!

(BTW, we had the leftovers from the missionary dinner for dinner last night, and they were much better the second night.)

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Grammy Gingerbread said...

That cake looks just so good! Great job, and a great, and unforgettable day for a truly unforgettable grandson. We love you so much, Adam!! Happy year of being a 5 year old!!