Friday, June 27, 2008

So Far, So Good and Adam's First Sewing Project

So far, Grace's birthday dress is coming along great. And I hope I didn't seriously jinx myself in saying that. :) I've got the 'skirt' part sewed together, and the top and the lining done. I really just have to do the sleeves (which look like the hardest part of all), sew the bodice to the skirt, and hem it. Oh, and there are some ribbons that need to be added, too. I am loving it right now. I have decided that I really, really like sewing. And I think that the hardest part of this is going to be waiting for Grace's birthday to let her wear it. She's already dying to twirl around in it, and I think she's going to look super-cute, too. BUT, it's supposed to be a birthday present. So, we have to wait 2 months. :)

[Just ignore the bare mattress... my children really do have sheets to sleep on. Friday is just 'bedding washing day'. Because I'm a nerd. And, I did NOT make Adam pretend to model the dress-that's ALL him!]

So, I've been sewing either late at night or while Grace naps, and while I am, Adam always sneaks up and watches me. He has been begging me for a while now to get to sew, too. Today I decided to teach him the basics. He made a pattern (a square), cut out some extra fabric I had, pinned it together, and I helped him sew it. We then turned them inside-out, stuffed them with some lentils, and stitched up the outside, and voila! Two missiles beanbags for Adam and Grace to throw at each other play with. :)

[Check out those awesome action beanbag shots! Unfortunately, Grace is being hit in all of them. And BTW, lentil beanbags are pretty fun. They are much 'softer' than regular beanbags. Does that make sense? LOL.]
And, seriously, no jabs at Adam's masculinity (this means you, Nathan R.), because boys who sew are cool.

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Grammy Gingerbread said...

Wow! You guys are just amazing!! The dress looks just great! And, Adam, I am so proud of you for trying something new. Sewing is not very easy, and it is so good that you watched Mommy and then tried it yourself. And the lentil bags...what a fun and great idea. I will tell Nathan R. that he had better not make any fun...or else Grammy will get them.