Thursday, May 8, 2008

"I Won't Go Home Without You" by Adam

Adam LOVES making up songs, and then making up dance moves to them. And since he only likes rock and alternative types of music, the songs he makes up are... interesting. So are his dance moves. :) And I don't actually think that they can be considered songs, because most only consist on one line sung over and over. ANYWAYS, he loves doing it. He 'wrote' this song for all of our out-of-town family and he has been begging me to record him and post it on here. Enjoy!

(I think that there is an actual song that says "I won't go home without you" in it a lot, but I can't remember... so I don't think that his song is entirely original, but he's cute anyways).


Wilkins Family said...

I mean can that kid get any funnier. He is hilarious. Tell him that we miss him, and hope to visit him in vegas some time soon.

Grammy Gingerbread said...

Adam, that song was soooooo good! I like your dancing too! I can't wait until Papa and Nathan get back from turkey and mushroom hunting so they can see your movie! We all sure do love you !!!

Danyel said...

Alison He is so cute and we all miss him. Hope all is going good. Love you Danyel