Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yummy Food + Awesome People = FUN!

So, no pics, but, wow! P.F. Chang's was super good. It's the best Chinese food I've ever had (except for my dad's, of course, because his is the very best). But it was really, really yummy. Everyone ordered a dish, and then we passed them around, so we all got to try a bit of everything. We originally ordered Kung Pao Chicken and Honey Chicken, which were both SO good, and everything else was great, too. I was even going to be brave and try shrimp... but I just couldn't do it. I'm still a little too squeamish to try something that looks like a bug.

BUT, the best part was being with everyone. Mike's co-workers are just SO great. They are all so down-to-earth, interesting, and hilarious. I literally spent 2 hours laughing. I got to meet several of the wives that I haven't met before, and they are all awesome. We had such a great time!!!

AND... Adam and Grace were GREAT! They actually both ate ALL of their dinner (proof of how good the food was). And nothing got spilled or broken; no tantrums; no climbing onto the table. They were so good. I'm super proud of them! Now if I could just get them to act that way at home... :)

Of course, they had reason to be good: the bribes. I told Adam he could get whatever toy he wanted, if he was super, super good. And then I began to worry, because, toys are expensive. But I was just so desperate at the time, you know? However, when I asked Adam what he wanted afterward, he told me that he what he really wanted was $1 to be able to buy whatever he wanted at the dollar store, without me saying it was 'junk'. (Most of it IS junk, what can I say?). So... yay! We had an awesome time, and it's only going to cost me $1!

Is that a perfect night or what? :)

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Grammy Gingerbread said...

Wow! It sounds like just a wonderful night. Good food, good friends, and good kids. Now, put that into your memory and treasure it. You have great kids...they know just what to do when they need to do it!! Happy shopping, Adam!