Monday, May 19, 2008

Bummer of an Entry: Summer Blues

[So, this is a totally whiny entry. But, I'm going to get it all out today, and then I will be perfectly happy the rest of the summer... or, I'll try, anyways. :) ]

It was 110 degrees today here. 110. That is so ridiculously hot. It's supposed to be spring still. We were DYING today while we waited in the car to get the tires inspected and replaced. What happened? Just last week, we were playing at the park, and I was actually thinking about how much I liked where we live. And then the 100s happened.

I think that the worst part, though, is seeing Grace try and deal with the heat. My kids were not built to deal with the hot weather. She isn't taking the heat too well. It began about 2 weeks ago when I would get her out of the car, and she would be drenched in sweat. And then, even though the A/C is on in the house, she would wake up from her naps completely soaked with sweat, too. And that was when it was still in the 80s! So you can imagine how she did today with it being 20 degrees warmer. Poor baby! Not a good day at ALL for her!

So you know how some people the 'winter blues'? I get the summer blues. I hate, hate, hate summer. The heat just drains me. It makes me grumpy. I never feel like cooking. Or cleaning. Or doing any work for that matter. And don't even get me started on the bugs. Bugs come out in the summer. Curse you bugs! And curse the fact that Grace thinks you are playthings and wants to hold you! Ewww!

And you know what else I hate about summer? The way kids smell after they've been out in the sun. I love my kids... I would do anything for them. But the way that they smell after playing outside makes me nauseated.

I can think of very few things I like about summer:

1) Fruit. I LOVE summer fruit. Strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe... oh my!
2) Swimming. Love swimming. Love that we have 2 swimming pools in our apartment complex. Love the smell of sunscreen.
3) Barbecues. Getting together with friends and doing the whole BBQ thing is super fun.
4) ..............

I totally thought that there was a fourth thing I liked. Nope. The kids don't like summer. Mike HATES summer because it's super hot in the back at D.I. Yuck. And he comes home hot and grumpy. We've got the summer blues around here. Big Time. And it's not even summer yet!

So, Adam and I have officially began our countdown to Halloween to cheer us up. I had to do something... he was literally SCREAMING at the sun today to 'blow up.' :) Not kidding...

164 days 'til Halloween and counting.

[I'll post on the bright spot of today: P.F. Chang's tomorrow... I'm going to go sit in front of a fan for now.]


Grammy Gingerbread said...

Isn't it crazy! Sunday in Phx.-1st day over 100, Monday - 1st 110 degree day, Today -109, Thursday - 80 and it may snow in Flagstaff! (Not that I am trying to lure you all back to Az or anything, but Flagstaff sure has nice weather...he he he!) Go to that pool of really will help. I even got in ours last night after we did yardwork. Cold, but great!

Danyel said...

Doran Has the same problem with the summer. Sweat just drips off of him. I think that it has more to do with humidity because when we lived in Washington it would be 40% and he would still be sweating. If you go to you can type in your zip code and it will tell you everything. Temp, wend, humidaty, ect.