Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So, today we got a check in the mail from the other insurance company, to pay to fix the Focus. We were involved in a minor fender-bender a few weeks ago. The Focus already has some dents. I wasn't even going to bother fixing it, because what's a few more, you know?

But, the other party called the insurance to report it, and since it wasn't our fault, we decided to go ahead and follow through with it. So, today we got the check for it.

Now... here's my question. The amount in the check would pay for the brake's to be fixed on the Focus (something rusted, so Mike doesn't feel comfortable changing them himself), and would be enough to get both cars smog tested and registered, and there might even be some left over to make us official citizens of the state we live in. What can I say? Driver's licenses are pricey here. :)

But is that honest? Ethical?

I can't find anything illegal about doing it per se, but I don't want to do anything wrong, you know? Would it be wrong to use it for something else on the car? Thoughts?


Amanda said...

I'd do it. I think the brakes are more important than the dents. Plus, if you don't have the emissions done and can't drive the car what's the point in getting the dents out?

Amanda said...

Forgot to add: I'm surprised the insurance company sent a check directly to you and not to a body shop that they had fix the car. That right there means you are supposed to do what you want with it. :)

Kristi said...

I say do what you want with the money. They gave you the money to get your car fixed, and that is what you are doing.

Grammy Gingerbread said...

I agree with all that has been said. You will still have the loss on record, regardless of what you do with the money. And brakes, registration, etc. are much more important than the dent. Your car is worth less because of the dent...so you are not ahead if you use the money elsewhere. But, if you need help with brakes...maybe Doran will be up there...he is always going up for deliveries...maybe he can help! HE is so good at fixing cars!

Wilkins Family said...

Keep it. I have done it before. My brother fixed the bumper, and nothing else needed to be done to fix it. So I just cashed in.