Thursday, May 29, 2008

Adam Missed His Cousins, So We Bought Him a Fish

Yeah, I don't really see the logic in that either.

Last night, he woke me up crying about how much he missed everyone, and I tried talking to him, but I really was exhausted. So, I told him he could have a fish. And he went back to bed happy.

This morning he reminded me of my promise. So, we are now the proud owners of Henry, the blue beta fish. I don't know where the name Henry came from, but his middle name is "Blue-y," because he's blue. And apparently needs a middle name. Isn't he pretty? I think that he needs a plant or something, though, because his bowl is a bit sparse.

He has been everything that I had hoped a pet would be (i.e. the kids have pretty much sat and stared at him, while I cleaned scrapbooked). Adam did try to feed him a piece of a Wheat Thin, though, and has 'petted his head' twice so far, and Grace shook his container Darla-style (think Finding Nemo), while in Wal-Mart, so I'm not sure how long he's going to survive. But, hopefully being a pet owner will instill some responsibility in him, and make him forget the fact that we live far away from family.

Okay, I don't really want him to forget our family, but I really would like to get a full night of sleep. :)

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Grammy Gingerbread said...

What a great idea! Welcome to our new ... well, "grandfish" Henry!!