Friday, May 30, 2008

I Want to Make These!

While I was browsing around this morning, I saw instructions on Martha's site for taking a pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals (which would probably feel better on my feet than my $2 flip-flops), and making them cute by painting them! Here's the link.

I really, really want to make them. BUT, I'm pretty sure I should finish my quilt first. And Grace's 2nd birthday dress. And finish Adam's Transformers pillows. And scrapbook all of those pictures on my table now. (Okay, I mean, I actually should feed my family first and do the laundry, but I mean on the craft-priority list). :)

Aren't they cute (well, not that pair exactly in picture, but the idea)? She shows lots of different colors in her instructional video, too. They seem very summer-y. But, I'm not sure how much Dr. Scholl's sandals are... probably more than $2. :) Anyway, I'm going to post this on here, so that one of these days when I have no projects going on, and happen upon a cheap pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals, I will know just what to do with them. :)

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