Thursday, May 1, 2008

Silly Kids

A few funnies:

- Yesterday in Adam's chef class, they made donuts. His teacher told me that he said to her, "Thank goodness we're making donuts... I was getting sick of all that healthy junk."

- Adam wanted some water this morning, so I poured him a cup, and then handed it to Grace, and asked her to give it to Adam (she loves helping). She walked over and poured it on his head! Not sure why she did that... but it was sure funny!

- Adam taught Grace how to 'hoot' like an owl on the way to the grocery store this morning. So... she "hoot-ed" at the top of her lungs through all three stores. Nice!

- I decided to be super nice and get Mike a box of his favorite treats at the store (Little Debbie Nutty Bars). While I was making dinner, Grace grabbed the box, hid in her closet, ripped it open with her teeth, and proceeded to eat her way through the plastic and treats. She's a bit on a sugar high as a result. :)

- Mike's work won an Excellence award, so the staff + spouses are being treated to dinner at P.F. Chang's. Unfortunately, it's on a Monday (forget FHE, I guess :) ) and I probably don't have a chance of getting a baby-sitter. So, we're allowed to bring Adam and Grace, if we need to. When I was asking Adam about what he'd want to do (baby-sitter vs. being extra good at a nice restuarant). He begged me, "Please let me go, Mom! It might be my only chance to eat fancy crab puffs!"

They make me laugh.


Wilkins Family said...

They are funny kids. Grace is just getting back at Adam for all the things he did to her when she was a baby. If you need a sitter. I have three neices. I dont know if they are allowed to babysit on monday night, but it would never hurt to ask. Just call me if you want them.

Grammy Gingerbread said...

Poor Adam! Little did he know then that when he was suggesting Grace be put in a box while his favorite show was on television, she was plotting to get him! What a hoot! (so to speak)!