Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Very Dangerous and Daring Mother's Day

So, my secret confession is that I adore old-fashioned things. I'm kind of nostalgic; it makes me sad how how many things my kids will miss out on, because technology has just replaced so much. You know... building forts and clubhouses; secret codes and spying; jacks and hopscotch and marbles. I mean, Adam and Grace still play hide and seek and tag, but more and more 'fun' stuff revolves around technology and toys that do it all for you, and it makes me sad. I enjoy rebelling against technology (but that's a different post altogether).

Anyway, when I first heard about the book, The Dangerous Book for Boys, I was SO excited. It's my kind of book. I checked it out of the library as soon as I could, and renewed it until the librarian suggested maybe I buy a copy. I LOVE it. It's full of fun knowledge for boys, a list of classic books boys must read (I'm still trying to go through that list with Adam), how to tie knots, build a go-cart, play poker, make rockets, catch bugs, the best way to climb a tree, make a zip cord, etc. It's just FULL of fun stuff that involves being outside and using your hands and imagination and being rambunctious. I love that it's not full of warnings. It tells the boys what to do, and if they get hurt, fine. It's okay to get hurt. It's okay to be dangerous.

And THEN they came out with a girls book, The Daring Book for Girls, and I was insanely happy all over again. Both books are just SO much fun. I highly recommend them. Really.

But they are also expensive. So, I never bought them. BUT, guess what Mike got me for Mother's Day?

The pocket-sized version of BOTH books. They aren't the complete books, but have a selection of a bunch of "Things to Do," so they were less expensive, but still insanely fun. Adam and I have been picking out stuff to do this week all day today, and I think that he's probably a bit embarrassed about how super excited I am to make a bottle rocket, but I don't care. If I can just instill a bit of danger in him, and make him just a little more reckless, then I will be a happy mom.

I know, that sounds crazy. But, I mean it.

And to add even more danger to my day, Mike got into a fender bender this morning on his way to a missionary farewell (it wasn't really a big deal, he's fine, and it wasn't even his fault... yay!); I got sick after eating pie a la mode during Relief Society today; and smoke began coming out the oven when Adam and Mike made me dinner tonight.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother's Day, too. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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Grammy Gingerbread said...

So glad to hear what the smoke really was!! Kate said you had to go when you smelled it. Sounds like Mike and his excellent gift choice will give you something fun to do with your sweet babies!!