Friday, May 2, 2008

Star Wars and the Temple

I had planned on giving the kitchen a deep cleaning today (really), but then Mike called and told us that he had some extra overtime that he's not allowed to have, so we brought him lunch and ate with him.

And then we went to the park and the kids made some friends while I tried to tan.

We left about an hour later, and as we were driving, we saw the temple. We are SO blessed to live only 5 miles from the temple, and the kids love driving by there. They were both reasonably clean, so I asked them if they wanted to walk around the grounds.

As we drove up, Adam yelled, "Wow! Moroni is holding a gun and he's shooting the birds!" What?!?! We've talked about the angel Moroni before, and I don't know where he got THAT from. So, we walked around and talked about temples and eternal families, and it was a really neat experience. Or I thought so anyways. The grounds are so beautiful, and Grace was thrilled to be able to stop and smell all 8,000 flowers. And Adam was very disappointed to learn that people are NOT baptized in the fountains outside. But, whattaya do?

We walked back to the car after a half hour, and I put Grace in. Adam had been silent for a few minutes and was staring at the temple as I buckled him in. And then he said, "You know, Mom, I learned something today." And I totally thought it was going to be about how he can be married in the temple or be with us forever or something spiritual like that.

Silly me.

"What did you learn today, Adam?"

"That I was wrong. And you were wrong, too. Moroni isn't holding a gun... it's a light saber and he's using it to fight off the bad spirits!"

So much for trying, right? :)

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Wilkins Family said...

That kid is to funny.