Monday, May 12, 2008

"Ish, Ish, Ish!"

Okay, so I think that one thing I really, really like about living here is the endless list of fun, FREE, family-oriented stuff to do. I mean, it's everywhere! And we love it.

Grace has been OBSESSED with fish lately. She pronounces it, "ish" however. All day, it's "ish": "ish" books, "ish" coloring pages, "ish" puppets, the occasional trip to Petsmart to visit the "ish," and begging for her favorite movie, Finding Nemo. So, we decided to maker her super happy today by going to the Silverton Hotel's HUGE aquarium, and watching a sting ray and shark feeding.

It was a blast! I couldn't believe how big the tank was and all of the different sea creatures in it. Seeing the sharks and sting rays get fed was very cool, too. Grace was in "ish" heaven, and since the hotel is connected to a sports shop, Mike was in Dutch oven and outdoor stuff heaven, too. :)

We spent several hours there, and now have one more thing marked off of our "Things to Do While Living Here" list. (FYI, the pic below is of Grace's 'fish face).

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope everyone has a great week!


Danyel said...

Grace is so adorable. Everytime Doran goes there he wonders around to look at the fish too. Mabey next time you are down here you could bring the kids over to look at Dorans tank.

Casey and Brynn said...

Hi Allison! I am happy to have a new blogging friend! Your kids are getting so big.

Grammy Gingerbread said...

What a great place to take the kids. Dad remembers taking Adam there (though I think they were more interested in the Bass Pro Shop, at the time) Monterrey Aquarium in miniature! You guys are just the greatest Mom and Dad!!