Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swim Lessons Part II

We had a GREAT second week of swim lessons!

They learned, practiced, and were tested.

Adam passed Level 2 swim! Yay, Adam! He now knows how to swim (all of the different floats, backstroke, freestyle). Level 3 and up are basically different types of swimming strokes, entering the pool, and diving. He really wants to go on, but I'm happy that he knows the basics of swimming.

Grace did really great, too. She didn't pass Preschool swimming, which is fine because you have to be 5 to go on up to the next level anyways. She has a hard time floating and refuses to put her whole head in the water. We'll work on that this summer.

On the last day after testing, they have a free day and get to play on all of the slides and water playgrounds!

They had so much fun!

Grace is too short for the big slide, but her teacher was so sweet and took her down several times with her.

Fun stuff!

They are definitely missing their swim lessons and friends. But, we've been practicing in our apartment pool, so that makes up for it a little.

We are so proud of both of our little swimmers!

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