Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stake Patriotic Breakfast

Our stake held it's annual patriotic breakfast this morning! It was early enough that we could sneak in before Mike had to go to work.

We sang songs, watched the flag ceremony, and listened/watched to a slideshow with beautiful music. We also got to honor those who are currently serving or who have served. One young man spoke, who is currently serving but was on leave, about how much it means for him to serve his country. It was wonderful!

Breakfast was pretty good, too. In fact, Grace said it was "the most delicious breakfast ever!"

It consisted of 2 pancakes, 3 grapes, and 1 piece of sausage.

PLUS... chocolate milk AND orange juice.

Which is the part that Grace considered to be "most delicious."

We had a fun time! I love that our stake has it's celebration a week early, so that we can begin reflecting on/talking about our country and our freedoms before we celebrate Independence Day.

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