Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some D.I. Finds

Last night after our movie, Mike wanted to go to D.I. to see if they had any new dress shirts.

I had been wanting to go to D.I. for a while, because I see fun craft things ALL of the time on various blogs that use thrift store finds.

We usually go to the D.I. by our house (where Mike works) 2-3 times a week. To drop off forgotten keys, bring a cake, have lunch with Mike, donate, etc.

Ironically, I rarely go there to shop.

I used to, but then my kids realized who their Dad was, because the employees/Mike's co-workers spoiled them while we visited. That turned them into little punks who thought that they owned the place.

Rather than be a decent mom and discipline my children, I just stopped taking them with me to shop there.

And since the kids and I are a package deal, that meant I hadn't been there in a while to shop.

SO. With this in mind, we went to the D.I. on the other side of town.

Not only did Mike find a brand-new dress shirt for cheap, I got a bunch of other great stuff!

I have been wearing the same shirt every Sunday to church, because my body is in a funky stage that can only be fixed with the cessation of nursing. I've looked around, but it's hard (for me) to buy a shirt that I know I will only wear for a little while. Last night I found 3 nice-enough-for-church shirts (one of which was brand spankin' new) that fit AND a skirt that I've tried on at Target and liked, but didn't want to fork out $20 for... for $3!


I also found 2 long-sleeved shirts for Grace, 1 for Adam (with a Nike logo, which he has been really wanting... to be like Kobe), for the winter.

We got a toy for Josh. We didn't save many of Adam and Grace's toys and he needed some toys other than rattles. This toy was new-in-box, and it normally sells for $28. We paid $1.50.

Don't mind the girl in underwear in the background. Because it means that she is wearing underwear. Which makes me feel like I've won.

And... I found this brand-new bulletin board that I get to sand down and play with. I've been wanted a sturdy bulletin board for our family, but didn't like the ones at Target/Wal-Mart. This was from Deseret Book and it will definitely work... especially for $2.

I also found some various items that I'm going to try to craft with... candlestick holders to try to make a cupcake plate, some containers, etc.

We got some great deals last night.

Plus we get a 20% discount.

Sometimes people ask me if I feel guilty taking a discount at a non-profit thrift store.

Well, I don't.

I am always amazed at the generosity of the people who donate items. So many things donated are really nice and expensive (and even brand-new), and rather than Craigslist/Ebay them, people donate them. All of the money that D.I. makes goes right back into the job training program. When you donate at D.I./shop at D.I. you are helping make someone's life better... you are helping someone learn how to help themselves.

Plus you're gettin' some great deals!

Thus ends my D.I. plug.

To all two of you who read this thing.

Which I think makes up for the times that I bash D.I..

Especially when Mike has to work really, really late.

Or I have a baby.



Grammy Suzzy said...

You did so great! And you truly have inspired me!!! I know I have donated some things over the years that either fit wrong or were not a style someone preferred, so I know you can get great things! Can't wait to see your cupcake creation (is it the one that had the cupcake with the frosting that looked like popcorn? I thought that was pure genius! And do you know how many plates like that I have passed up at yard sales thinking they had no use! Silly Me!) And D.I. owes you for the good P.R. Remember, you are a professional! And they got your plug for free!

Tiffin said...

I love your new header. GREAT pics of your kids!