Monday, June 28, 2010


Tonight for FHE we were doing a mid-year review game of the Book of Mormon. Grace was up, and I asked her:

"Who is Jacob?" (You know, Nephi's brother).

And without a pause she replied:

"The werewolf."

We all laughed so hard. She is so funny!


On the downside, that pretty much means that my 3-year-old knows more about Twilight than the Book of Mormon.

Our household priorities may need some tweaking.


(By the way, going to do another "blog catch-up" tomorrow, so I can get all of June done before July hits us. So, scroll down to the beginning of June... in 2 days).


Kristi said...

Ha ha! That's awesome!

Amber said...

ha ha ha :-) That made me laugh