Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I made:

2 Texas sheet cakes
2 cheesecakes
1 batch lemon bars
1 batch Andes mint cookies
1 pan of Pumpkin Crunch

And finished the 2-liters of soda gift.

I was exhausted by the time 5:00 rolled around.

But going to D.I., and knowing this was the only Christmas a lot of them would get this year, and getting to sit next to my favorite person ever (Steve-below), made it completely worth it.

I love the people at D.I. And whenever I'm there, I realize why Mike works 50+ hours a week sometimes.

It would be hard to leave the co-workers who do this job not for the money, but to do some good in the world. And impossible to leave the associates who are trying hard to make a difference in their own lives. There is a feeling of hope and determination at D.I., and that is something that is very hard to leave, indeed.

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Kristi said...

ummm...i was pretty sure I was your favorite. Now I'm not so sure about my place in this world