Sunday, December 14, 2008

What I'm Doing Tonight...

Mike is in charge of the Christmas gift for all of the D.I. associates this year. It had to be easy, for 60 people, and under $1 each. After throwing around some ideas, I remembered a gift I'd seen a few years back, where you give someone a bottle of Sprite with a note attached that says:

May your Christmas be merry and Sprite.

Kinda hokey. But it works. So tonight, we will be decorating 60 2-liters of soda to be given out tomorrow. It's gonna be a long night.

Adam thinks having this much soda in the house is a dream come true.

Poor guy. :)

(Side story: Mike's boss just bought them late Saturday, so we picked them up last night, and they've been in the back of our station wagon ever until we had a chance tonight. We got a lot of teasing at church today about our 'year supply' of soda in our car. :) )

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Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

Oh, my! I know you said 60 on the phone...but seeing 60 in real life...don't work too hard!