Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

Eek! The 12 days of Christmas starts today. WHERE did this month go?

I'm not going to post every day what we do, but I'll probably do a picture at the end with a picture of each day. Here's the list:

1st: Make bead ornaments
2nd: Roast marshmallows in our fireplace, and sleep under the Christmas tree
3rd: Decorate gingerbread houses
4th: Drop off a 'Secret Santa' gift for someone (or do an 'Angel' on the tree in the mall)
5th: Go to Ethel M's Christmas Light Cactus Garden
6th: Watch a Christmas movie as a family
7th: Decorate Christmas cookies
8th: Visit Santa
9th: Drive around and look at Christmas lights
10th: Go to the Bellagio + Wynn hotels to see the Christmas displays
11th: Make a nativity
12th: Drop off goodies for friends, and act out the nativity.

Should be fun!

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