Sunday, December 7, 2008

Potty Training

So, I said I was going to work on potty training like months ago, MONTHS ago. And I did. But it's something we've went back and forth on it. She wants to, she's ready to, however, after the LONG journey with Adam, I wasn't ready to go for it completely. And if she's potty trained, that really means she's no longer a baby. Which is selfish, and is probably going to give her issues someday, I know. However, last week I decided to go start up again. Grace is doing really, really well... as long as we are at home. I don't even have to remind her.

In public, she refuses. Completely. I take her into the bathroom when we're at stores/school/church, and she just screams. I would say it's because she's germ-conscious, but we're talking about a girl who once drank from the toilet. So I'm pretty sure that's not the case. So since we aren't home all that often, she's not completely trained. Or even close, really.

However, today she filled up the chart that she began last week, and got to open her 'potty present.' It made us happy.

Her prize-little stampers

Yay, Grace!

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