Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Visitor Left a "Gift"

We had a special visitor this past weekend: Baby Bear.

Baby Bear is a little bear in Adam's kindergarten, who goes home with a different child each weekend. Baby Bear is accompanied by a journal, a photo album, bedding, and four changes of clothing (including hats and shoes).

I've not yet forgiven his teacher for all of the articles of clothing I had to take care of.

Anyway, Adam was supposed to bring Baby Bear with him everywhere, take pictures, and write about the experience in the journal. I remember doing something similar when I was in elementary school.

We had a lot of fun having Baby Bear with us. Adam and Grace just loved on him all weekend. I thought it was a fun idea. We all were happy until Mike remarked, "I wonder how many kids that bear has slept with."

Which made me think of all the nice germs that Baby Bear was carrying.

And then Baby Bear went back to school and left us a 'gift.'

Okay, I'm not exactly blaming the bear for Adam's pink eye that he developed last night, but it's not too much of a stretch to think that he brought along the pink eye germs, either.

So, Adam's out of school this week (which he is VERY sad about, considering he's missing the class party and all the fun), and I'm sad because I have a million things to do, and now I have a bored 5-year-old along for the ride.

And Baby Bear? He's probably rubbing his sweet, furry paws together wondering who he will be 'visiting' this next weekend.

Evil bear.

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