Friday, May 18, 2012

First Swim

Josh has no fear.

We took them for the first swim of the year (had to use our apartment swimming pool while we still live here) today. He ran to the pool and jumped in... no floaties, no life vest.

Mike and I looked at each other for a split second, with looks of, "Did he REALLY just do that???" before Mike jumped in after him.

We got his floaties on him, and he spent the rest of the time jumping in off the side, insisting on swimming on his own, and kicking like crazy.

Grace, on the other hand, stayed huddled with me the entire time... she was completely scared to venture out on her own.

Which is weird, because she's always been a little fish in the water. Adam did great; he still remembers how to swim (yay!) and had fun jumping with Josh.

(But NO diving... he learned his lesson last summer). 

We had a fun afternoon, and know tnow to NEVER let Josh anywhere near water alone.

Ever. ;)

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Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure Michael did the same thing at a Wilkins FHE at Uncle Larry's house and my dad had to jump in after him. Like father like son?