Friday, May 18, 2012

Adam, the Blue Shark

Adam (finally!) graduated his A.R. level and became a Blue Shark!

I only say "finally" because this boy has a ridiculously high reading/comprehension level (12.9+ grade), but his principal said he couldn't start more than 1 grade higher.  He loves reading Harry Potter and Rick Riordan books, which have a 5th through 8th grade reading level.  It's been a struggle to get him to read the required 30 4th grade level books.

(I hate that it may come off as though I'm bragging.  I'm really not.  He reads like crazy night and day, and it has paid off..)

We had fun going to his assembly and celebrating his hard work!  He earned a certificate and a movie/popcorn during the school day!

Way to go, Blue Shark Adam!

We are SO proud of you!!!

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Congrats to Adam!!! We know he is a voracious reader, and it's truly awesome that he is now a blue shark. EPIC!