Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Years/Birthday Dinner Out

Mike's been with Deseret Industries (D.I.) for 5 years now.

Now THAT'S a sentence I didn't think I would be saying 5 years ago.


His super-kind boss gave him the company card, and told him to take me out to dinner somewhere nice, in celebration of him being there for 5 years.

My parents were in town to help us move, so we took advantage of the babysitting, and went out to his celebration dinner while they were here.  It also happened to be Mike's birthday.  He told me he wanted a cheesecake, and since I had no idea which box my springform pan was in, we decided to go out to the Cheesecake Factory.

Neither of us had ever been there before.

It was good.

Really good.

In fact, I will probably never eat out again, because that restaurant has ruined all other restaurants for me.


We haven't been on a date since October, and it was sooo nice to be able to go out together!

I didn't take a single picture.

I also was super careful to only eat a few bites of cheesecake and only some of my dinner, so I could share it with the kiddos the next day.

(I'm a mom through and through).

But, it accidentally got left out on the counter overnight, so it was a no-go.


Even with no pictures and no leftovers, it was still such a fun night!  I'm so thankful to my parents and Mike's boss for a great night out!

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