Saturday, July 2, 2011


Though we live in Vegas, Mike and I have never gambled.


Good thing, too.

Because we have the worst luck.

Nevermind the whole "getting out of debt" idea with our rent savings that I mentioned here.

We're going to go ahead and get into a little more debt.

Adam went swimming with a friend's family today, dived into the pool to get a diving ring, smacked his face on the bottom, and this happened:

Yeah, those two front top teeth?


After crying about his beautiful teeth that are no more whole a lot, feeling guilty about letting him go swimming without me, and talking to his wonderful dentist, I'm trying to feel much more positive about the situation.

For him to break his teeth, and not get even a scratch, let alone a concussion or worse, is nothing short of a miracle.

For him to not be in pain from it (especially on the long weekend when he can't see the dentist), is another miracle.


We've been very blessed.

Still not going to take a chance on the gambling thing, though.



Grammy Suzzy said... said concussion too. I always try to be Pollyanna and play "The Glad Game" so I immediately was so thankful it was not worse. I was worried, however when I was texting Adam on Sunday and telling him it could have been much worse. I mentioned concussion, and he said, "What's a concussion?" Aaagh! I thought I had opened a big can of worms for Mommy and Daddy, so I explained it happened mainly to football players. Nate had one. He seemed all right, but I know he worries...and I was so worried, about you! We are so thankful he is well and he still looks just as awesome as ever!!!

Kristi said...

The fact that he's not in pain is definitely a good sign. Probably no nerve damage. Hopefully it won't be too expensive a fix.

Maybe you should wrap your kids in bubble wrap and make them wear helmets?