Friday, May 25, 2012

Lemon Sharks & Field Day & 11 Years

I'm pretty sure the kids have the world's most patient P.E. teacher.

Because during P.E. last week, the kids tie-dyed shirts.

She tie-dyed shirts with over 300 kids.

And considering, it takes a lot of self-pep-talk to get me to tie-dye shirts with my 3... I am in awe.

They came home with them in bags. We let them sit 3 days, then washed. They looked awesome:

The shirts were for the upcoming field day... with each grade having a different color.

Today, it was (finally) field day!

But, first, we got to go this morning and see Grace get her award for passing ANOTHER A.R. level, and become a LEMON SHARK!


She is at a 2nd grade reading level, and is reading Junie B. Jones books as fast as she can.

After the ceremony, I went to a doctor's appointment (I'm anemic), and we got a call from Adam.

His pants had ripped, and he desperately wanted new ones before field day began:

And, I have to say how impressed I am with all of the awesome kids at the school: no one made fun of him or teased him.

We brought him new shorts, brought Grace to school, and then "celebrated" our 11 year anniversary with a burger (I only have 3 months to become un-anemic) and a tired 2-year-old before heading back down to see field day and pick up the kids.

They had an AWESOME field day!  Running, basketball, hula hoops, water games, a chalk drawing contest, and jumping.  The school fed them a picnic lunch, and they had popsicles. 

They both declared it the "best day ever!"

I'm so thankful everyday that Heavenly Father led us to this school.

It's been such a good experience!

I'm also so thankful everyday that Heavenly Father led me to Mike.

Being married to him has been such a good experience, too!

(Okay, WAY more than just good.)


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Grammy Suzzy said...

Hooray...for the Wonderful P.E. Coach, for Lemon Shark Grace, for Mike and Allison...

Boo that you didn't let us know you were anemic so we could do more for you while we were there.

Love you all!!!