Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Little Wolf!

A few weeks ago, I realized that Adam was almost 9, and hadn't earned his Wolf yet. I panicked, and then looked through his book. We realized he was almost there. I asked him to make a goal of how many arrow points he wanted to earn, along with his Wolf badge, and we got to work. He earned his badge, just in time, with 3 arrow points! He was SO excited!!!

Apparently, so was I.

 Getting jewelry makes me giggle. 

No, not really.  Almost being stuck with the pin, makes me nervous.

Which makes me giggle.

We are SO proud of our Wolf and all of the hard work Adam put into getting his awards!

Afterward, he and I went out for frozen yogurt.

Not to celebrate his badge, per se, but I owed him a date.

Because he (finally) managed to go a week in school, without getting into trouble for talking!


Maybe next year he will earn both his badge AND his frozen yogurt trip a little sooner in the year.


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