Thursday, May 24, 2012

Box Top Shoppe

Adam and Grace's school has a fun "Box Top Shoppe", where the kids can redeem Box Tops for Education for prizes.

It's the best box top idea I've ever seen; the prizes are cheap little things, so the school still makes money, but the kids are crazy about collecting them so they can earn their cheap little prizes.

(We are always happy to take any box tops off of your hands from all y'all, by the way).

Anyway, today the school had a "blowout" sale, and Adam and Grace got a ton of fun stuff with the box tops they've been saving!

The kids also got a candy (Fun Dip or full-size Butterfinger) just for redeeming their Box Tops today.

I was trying to get Grace to go with the Butterfinger, but she ignored me.

And then as we parted, after I dropped her off at her class, she turned around, glared, and said,

"And all of those Tootsie Rolls better be there when I get home."

For rudeness, right?


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