Monday, June 4, 2012

Moving Week. Part 2.

Our Stake President came over, and sat among the boxes and chaos, while he called Mike to be the 2nd counselor in the bishopric.

And, as he happily accepted, I plastered a fake smile on my face and thought,

"Really!?!  We only see him about 2 seconds a week as it is, and now this.  Really?!?"

I know most wives would be happy/proud/thankful, and I'm pretty much a terrible/horrible/selfish person for being anything but that.

I'm working on it.

And trying to be thankful for the 1 second a week that we see him now.

After the Stake President left, Mike called his parents, because he needed to be ordained to a High Priest and wanted his father to do it.  He was being called on Sunday, so they were going to come up on Saturday and stay with us.

After he was off the phone, we went out to his birthday dinner, then came home, got a little sleep, and went to the apartment to start cleaning/repairing.

We were in that apartment for over 4 years, and it was pretty gross.  I mean, I'm fairly decent at keeping the house clean, but once we got all of the furniture out of there, the place looked disgusting.

We spent all of our time at the apartment Friday and Saturday, working crazy-hard so we didn't have to pay our landlord anything.  He was being super-nice to let us out of the lease early, and requested we leave it in perfect condition.

While we cleaned, my kids soaked up lots of Papa and Grammy time.  My mom served cupcakes and drinks at Adam's class "summer birthdays" party.  Papa and Mike went to the school with Grace for a Father's Day softball game.  They played basketball, drew with chalk, ate French fries, and had way too much fun!

On Saturday, I took a break from cleaning to help run our Primary activity.  We cleaned the chapel and made homemade rolls for the Sacrament the next day.  It turned out great!  Afterward, Papa took Adam on his Cub Scout fishing trip, while Mike and I worked more at the apartment.

Saturday afternoon, we were almost done, but we realized that we were running out of time with Grandma and Grandpa W* coming up soon.  So, I called my mom, who brought over Adam and Grace to help wash walls.

Apparently, it wore Grace out:

We got done just in time to grab some food to make dinner, and for my in-laws to arrive.

The rest of the weekend is a blur; I'm pretty sure that my lack of sleep coupled with working crazy-hard during the day caught up with me.  I was a tired, stressed grump.

I'm sorry to my parents and in-laws and kids and husband.

I really was grumpy.

Mike was ordained and set-apart, and I didn't take a single picture of Mike and his Dad afterward.  Which isn't the end of the world, but I love photography and documenting everything.  I hate missing something like that.  They left after church, and my parents left a few hours later.

We turned our keys in the next day, and our landlord told us he had never seen such a clean apartment, and there would be no extra charges.  Yay!


Moving week was horrible.  Crazy.  Stressful.  Exhausting.  If I swore, I would use stronger language.


But, we are in a beautiful house with space and a backyard, and everything is so ridiculously lovely that I keep pinching myself, because it has to be a dream.

So, even if it was a terrible, horrible, insanely crazy week, I would do it all over again.

In a heartbeat.

(And many, many huge thanks to my parents, for all of their help in moving/watching the kids/being there for us.  We could NOT have done it without you!  And many thanks to my in-laws, who came up last-minute for Mike.  It meant so much to us.)

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